Circle Drag Eliminator Rules 2019-2021


1. All Cars are subject to inspection and enforcement of the following rules by track officials.

2. All cars must be legal to be driven on the streets of Colorado. They must be licensed for the current year and the license must be issued to an individual, dealer plates will be allowed for only one race per season, must show proof of insurance.

3. All cars must retain a stock appearance. All windows must retain original position. NO Pick-up or Vans will be allowed to run.

4. One roll bar immediately over the driverís seat will be optional. If a roll bar is installed, then the driver must wear a shoulder harness. No side bars or rub nails allowed.

5. Intentional bumping and banging will results in a one race suspension. Decision will be made by the track official and will be final!!

6. Tire must be DOT approved street legal in the state of Colorado, with legal tread and will be subject to the approval of the inspector.

7. Muffler or mufflers must be legal in the state of Colorado and subject to the approval of the inspector.

8. Driver must have a valid driverís license, must not be under the influence of alcohol and must act and drive in a sportsman like manner.

9. Driver must wear an approved helmet and seat belts. Driver cannot wear football of tank helmets.

10. Cars must be driven into the pits and must be safe to drive with all systems working such as: Brakes, brake lights, windshield wipers, etc.

11. If a contestant has competed in the regular racing program that year (exception Ė Sport Compacts), they may not compete.

12. Regular fuel only, no alcohol fuel.

13. High powered 4 cylinder, 6 cylinder cars with all-wheel drive will have to compete in the V-8 class.

14. All contestants are subject to the same track operational rules as the stock car drivers.

15. Car/Driver entry is $ 30.00. Starting line-up will be determined by pill draw in the pit trailer.  Competitors will stage in order by the pit trailer in the west parking lot. Drivers will be isntructed at the proper time to drive to the infield, and prepare for competition. Crew, family and friends must observe from the grandstands, unless they purchase a pit pass ($ 30.00).

16. Competitors will start from a standing start, side by side at the starting line. 

17. It is a two lap competition, single elimination, with the winner moving on to the next round. Final round winner, will stop at the start/finish line for a trophy, and the winning photograph.






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