2024 Farm Truck Rules

Rules may need to be adjusted due to competitive outcomes within the class.

The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events.  These rules shall govern the condition of all events, and by participating in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules.  NO EXPRESSED OR implied warranty of safety shall result from publications of or compliance with these rules and/or regulations.  They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator or official.

The Honor Speedway administration shall be empowered to permit reasonable and appropriate deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose further restrictions that in the opinion does not alter the minimum acceptable requirements.  No expressed or implied warranty of safety shall result from such alteration of specifications.  Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the officials.  Their decision is final.

1.    SAFETY EQUIPMENT:  Rules apply at all times truck is on track.  Snell-rated SA2005, SFI 31.1/2005, or newer helmet required.  No M-rated helmets allowed.  Roll bar padding required in driver compartment (Fire retardant recommended).  SFI-approved full fire suit required.  Fire retardant neck brace, gloves, and shoes required.  Recommended:  Fire retardant head sock and underwear; head and neck restraints, collapsible steering shaft.  Driver-side window net required, minimum 16” x 20” ribbon or mesh style, and must be mounted so latch is atop front of window.  Minimum three inch wide five point safety belt assembly required (Y-type shoulder harness not allowed), must be mounted securely to roll cage, no more than three years old (with the original manufacturers label in place).  Kill switch required within easy reach of driver and must be clearly marked “OFF” and “ON”.  Raceceivers required, NO 2-way radio communications. A minimum 3 ½ lb. ABC rated Dry Chemical fire extinguisher meeting 1-A 10 B:C must be securely mounted (no plastic mounts) in all competing trucks, and should be mounted within reach of the driver while he/she is belted in driving position.

2.    DEFINITON:  American made, full-sized pickup trucks with a factory rating of ½ ton or more and factory 2-wheel drive.  No Blazers, Suburbans, SUV, or El Camino type vehicles.

3.    APPEARANCE:  Pickups must be neatly numbered on both front doors, 18” large and on the right side of the roof and 4” numbers on the front and rear of the pickup with a contrasting color.  One or two digit numbers only.

4.    AXLE:  Factory type production.  A Ford 9 inch may be installed because of gear ration availability but must be installed same as factory mounts.  No off sets.  Floaters optional.

5.    BATTERY:  Securely mounted in a steel battery box and welded to the floor pan, and must be completely covered in rubber, if not a dry cell.  If dry cell battery (highly recommended), positive side must be covered with rubber.  A MASTER cut-off switch must be located (and brightly labeled) in the pickup bed, behind the driver, and within easy reach of safety crew.

6.    BODY:  No gutting of the bed.  Must have box inner fenders.  Hood and cab inner panels may be removed.  No hood scoops.  No holes in hood.  No chopping or channelling of body.  Front inner fenders are optional.  May trim out wheel wells for tire clearance.  Must have the equivalent to stock floor in box.  Tailgate is optional.  Must be securely bolted or welded on!  Firewall must have holes sealed.  Doors may have factory hinges, latches, and strikers.  Doors may be operational but be sure they are securely fastened shut when on the track.  May add a front loop.  May have a cover on the bed.  NO sharp edges anywhere on the truck, bumpers, fenders or kick-offs, your racing will be suspended immediately until problem is repaired.  Maximum one inch wide by two inch tall steel or lexan rub rails allowed – bolted flush to body.  Ends must be welded shut, at a 45 degree angle with no sharp edges exposed.  No bars past outside edge of body other than rub rails.

7.    BRAKES:  Same as factory equipped for the make and model.  Stock pedals.

8.    STEERING:  All components must be steel unaltered OEM, in OEM location and match frame.  OEM steering column may be replaced with steel steering shafts (collapsible steering shaft recommended).  Steel knuckles only.  No steering quickeners, or remote power steering reservoirs.  Steering wheel and quick release (required) may be aluminium.

9.    BUMPERS:  Fronts:  as it came equipped for the make and model.  May have two vertical nerf bars, no wider than the outside of the frame rails.  Rear:  no homemade bumpers.  OEM as came equipped from factory.  LuVerne or aftermarket bumpers are okay.  No tube type bumpers.  Front and rear bumpers must have a flat plate connecting the ends to the fenders and box side to prevent hooking bumper and bending them away from the body.  May install aftermarket nosepiece.  Front hoops allowed.

10. CARBURETOR: Holley 4412 2 barrel carb or a 4 barrel up to 750 cfm. Two return springs are mandatory.  No fuel injection or throttle bodies whatsoever.  Carbs will be checked!

11. ENGINE:  370 Cubic inch maximum!  Over bore included.  Must be located where they belong.  No setbacks or off sets. Flat top pistons maximum.  No domes.


Hydraulic camshafts and lifters only with a max lift of .460. Stock type push rods. 


May run an aftermarket STEEL cylinder head with a max valve size of 1.94 intake, 1.52 exhaust. No de-burring, no polishing, no port matching. May use screw in studs and guide plates with a 1:5 roller tip rocker arm. NO stud girdles.


May run an aluminum or steel intake manifold.


A non-adjustable adapter plate, no higher than 1 ½ inches may be used on a 4-barrel intake.  The only carburetor in the class is the Holley list 4412 500 cfm.  No exceptions. 


GM engines with GM, Chrysler with Chrysler, Ford with Ford, etc.


Stock or HEI ignition only, no aftermarket ignition boxes allowed. Must run a Rev Limiter - 6500 RPM Max. MSD 8727CT softTouch, HEI Rev Control Limiter Part # 5478727 (Speedway Motors)

12. Headers or cast iron exhaust manifolds are allowed with a max collector with a maximum 3” outlet.  No high-performance manifolds for that make and model.  Maximum 3” exhaust pipes must extend to at least rear of cab minimum. Vertical stacks (behind the cab) may be used but cannot extend more than 12” above the cab. Complete exhaust system must be leak free and remain intact for the duration of the race.

13. FRAME:  Long bed frame can be shortened, but must resemble and meet factory specs (wheelbase for that type of short box design).  Frame rails must remain straight and true.  Short bed box must look original.  Must always have minimum of 8 inches ground clearance at designated point, measured at lowest point of frame rail (excluding front cross member).

14. FUEL:  Pump gas only (defined as “road tax fuel”).  No E85 fuel allowed.

15. FUEL PUMP:  Mechanical engine mounted pumps only.  No electric fuel pumps.

16. FUEL TANK: Must be relocated to the inside of the bed area and securely fastened down.  The fuel tank should be of no more than 16 US gallons and have a screw-on top and be of heavier material than a stock fuel tank.  The bed must have drain holes in the floor to let fuel drain out.  Must have a metal firewall cover between gas tank and battery.  Tank must have check valve to prevent leakage if inverted.  Fuel cell is mandatory.  If fuel cell does not have aircraft style positive seal filler neck/cap system – a flapper, spring, or ball type filler rollover valve is required.

17. MIRRORS: None allowed.

18. RADIATOR: Mounted inside body sheet metal in the original location area.  Removal of original radiator core support allowed.  Aluminum radiators allowed.

19. ROLL CAGE: A 4-post cage, constructed from round tubing at least .095 minimum wall thickness pipe.  Minimum 1 ¾ OD tubing that is welded with gussets in upper halo corners a must.  The driver’s door side of the car must have 3 or more bars (NASCAR Type) in its construction.  Steel door plate(s), 18 gauge or .049 inch minimum thickness, must be securely welded to outside of door bars on driver side.  Plate must cover areas from top door bar to frame and from rear down post to five (5”) inches in front of seat.  Must be visible for inspection.  Cage must be welded or bolted with floor plates (minimum 5” x 5” x ¼”) to floor of cab or frame.  A foot protection bar must be installed from the left front door down post forward to the left side frame rail.  Minimum one cross bar in top halo.  Additional gusseting and triangulation of all cage construction is recommended.  Must have 2 braces extending from top of cage into the bed and fastened to frame.  Front hoop allowed.  New trucks must use 1 ¾” .095 Wall Tubing for main cage structure.  No black pipe or threaded connections.  1 ½” safety cages built prior to the 2009 season must be approved by Tech. Advisory Committee.

20. SUSPENSION:  Regular OEM factory production that come on truck only. Heavier load rated coil springs are permitted.  Must set in existing stock structure. “A” frames and spindles may not be altered to fit different springs.  Stock spring mounts, locations, and types.  Only stock, heavy-duty or OEM replacement non-adjustable shocks allowed.  No jacks or shims to adjust weight.  May have rear lowering blocks, but must be same left and right.  Front end of rear leaf springs must be mounted in stock location, adjustable rear shackles can be used.

21. TIRES: 15 (or 16) inch as manufacturer cast in sidewall D.O.T. tire only, or Hoosier G-60.  No grooving.  Maximum size permitted is 255-60-15 (or 16). Tires must fit within 8 ½” hoop.  No overly aggressive tire tread designs (winter style) allowed.

22. TRANSMISSION / DRIVE SHAFT: Stock automotive type, must have forward and reverse.  Stock OEM flywheels, converters, clutch, and disc. No aluminum flywheels.  Standards must have a 2 inch inspection hole or equivalent drilled in the bottom.  NO MINI CLUTCH STUFF.  All GM must be 168 tooth flywheel.  No Corvette or Camaro high performance flywheels allowed.  Drive Shaft: Minimum 2 inch diameter steel drive shaft, must be painted white.  Steep slip-yokes only. 360 degree drive shaft loop required and must constructed of at least 0.25 inch by 2 inch steel or 1 inch tubing, mounted 6 inches from front U-joint.

23. WHEELS:  8-inch maximum width steel wheels.  Right side wheel must be reinforced or white spoke or equivalent.  Wheels must be painted white or a bright color.  Tubes are optional.  No aluminum or alloy wheels.  Must have 1” lug nuts and ½” lug studs minimum.

24. WINDSHIELD:  Driver’s half of opening must have no less than 4 vertical bars measuring a minimum of 3/8” diameter.  No wider than 4” apart maximum.  Must cover driver’s half of opening.

25. WEIGHT:  Minimum weight limit of 3,400 pounds, after race with driver in truck.  No tolerance.  No weights and/or loose objects in driver compartment or outside body.  Weights must be securely mounted to frame or roll cage and painted white with truck number on it.  Must be attached with at least two 1/2 “ bolts.  No titanium, magnesium or carbon fiber products.  No gun-drilled, tubular, hollow bolts or studs.  Steel fasteners only.

26. PROTEST / PENALTIES – Also refer to Honor Speedway “General Rules M – Protest” (in accordance with Honor Speedway & IMCA)

a.    Failure to proceed directly to tech area/scales – Disqualification for the feature.  Owner/driver receives no points and no money.

b.    Illegal carburetor / parts – illegal part will be confiscated.  Owner/driver will be disqualified and receive no points and no money.  If owner/driver refused to relinquish illegal party, the will be suspended for the next two events

c.    Illegal fuel or additives – Disqualification for the evening’s results.  Owner/driver receives no point and no money.  Owner/driver will be suspended for the next two events.

27.  For the 2024 season, there will be no weekly payout. But a 1st place trophy will be presented to each feature winner, and the top 3 three finishers will stop at the start/finish line for photographs.

Any sponsor dollars that is solicited and received just for the Hobby Trucks would be paid out at the tail end of the season as a “Points Fund” to the top 5 trucks.

28. Line-up and Point Structure Procedures: Refer to Honor Speedway Official Track Rules (follows IMCA points structure).

29. Decision of C.R.A and / or Honor Speedway Officials are final and binding without exception



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