2022 Honor Speedway (C.R.A., LLC) General Rules & Procedures

Revised July 17, 2022

SPORTSMANSHIP Racing is a very emotional sport. As such, good sportsmanship is the key element of any competitors racing program. This must include respect for all track officials and a willingness to accept their decisions and directions, and respect for all participants – drivers, owners, pit crews and their families. For our part we will make very effort with our rules regardless of whom or what is involved. We will treat all participants with respect and expect similar treatment in return. A racer’s pit area is his/her castle – therefore please stay out of other racer’s pit areas, especially after an incident where you have been involved with that racer. Drivers – remember that you are responsible for the actions of your crews. Any offending parties will be fined appropriately and disciplinary actions will be initiated as deemed necessary. Public address interviews, display of signs, or designs on racecars that use obscenity or profanity, or are considered in bad taste by track officials are subject to penalty or suspension. Sportsmanship and professional behavior are required at all times throughout the year. Actions deemed detrimental to racing or C.R.A./Honor Speedway are subject to misconduct penalties. This includes and is not limited to posts on social media, emails, and websites.  Any driver, owner, crew member or team representative that disparages C.R.A./Honor Speedway or its staff in any publication (including message boards, social media, website, etc.) radio or television, may be suspended and/or fined.

While we recognize your right to express opinions, good or bad, on social media, however, owners, drivers and crew should, be advised that threats against officials, other drivers, crew or family members will not be tolerated. Any action by a driver or crew which appears to be the execution of a threat will result in penalties via suspension and/or fines against the driver and/or car owner. The driver and/or car owner will ALWAYS be held responsible for the actions of members of their crew.



The Honor Speedway (& C.R.A. LLC) reserves the right to refuse admission to any party.



1. The General Rules section applies to each and every competitor, mechanic, and pit personnel. Some items, obviously, do not apply to each class. If you have questions, please ask an official. Ignorance of the rules is no excuse for failure to comply.

2. The rules and/or regulations set forth are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for each event. All Honor Speedway competitors are deemed to have read and comprehended these rules, and complied with their content. No expressed or implied warranty of safety shall result from publication of, or compliance with these rules and regulations. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and in no way are a guarantee against injury or death to participants, spectators, or others. All cars, and driver’s equipment, may be reviewed to determine specification requirements. Registration stickers must be visible from the front, or left side of the car, before being allowed onto the racing surface.

3. The officials shall be empowered to permit minor deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that, in their opinion, do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements. No expressed or implied warranty of safety shall result from such alteration of specifications. Any interpretation of or deviation from these rules is left to the discretion of the officials. Their decision is final.

4. The officials and management has final word over technical questions or operations.

5. Management and officials establish the length, frequency, and administration of all events and programs, and their decision is final.

6. No person may enter the pit/racing area until he/she has signed all releases, license registrations and/or entry forms. All drivers/owners must complete the license registration agreement. A current IRS W-9 form must be on file.

7. Any person under the age of 18 attempting to enter the pit area must provide a minor release signed by at least one parent and accompanied by that parent/guardian.

8. Any Driver/Owner/Team that intentionally creates an oil spill will be subject to a fine (1st offense - $100) and/or suspension (2nd offense).

9. Speed limit in the pit area is 10 mph for all motorized vehicles. ATV/Golf Cart – no one under the age of 18 is allowed to operate an ATV/Golf Cart per Honor Speedway and City of Pueblo regulations. No entrant shall allow any pit personnel ride on, or in, their race vehicle while moving through the pit area, or on the track surface. Penalty for any of the above - 1st offense will be a warning, 2nd offense - $50 fine, 3rd offense - $100 fine, 4th offense – 1 race suspension.




1. When in the pit area, make every effort to maintain a constant watch for your own protection.

2. Any driver who brings alcohol or other controlled substances into the pit area, or who is under the influence of such substances, will be disqualified and suspended. There is NO alcohol drinking allowed in the Pit Area while the races are ongoing.  If you go to the grandstand area (beer dock) to purchase an adult beverage, you will have to sacrifice your pit pass (no refund). If anyone is observed with or caught drinking an adult beverage while the races are ongoing, it will be confiscated and they will be IMMEDIATELY escorted out of the pit area (no refund).  If a team is identified as part of the offender, the driver of that car will be disqualified from the event, and lose all points and money for the event. 

3. No driver may get out of their car or stop on the racing surface to argue or discuss a race situation with the flagman or officials. 1st violation of this rule will result in $100 fine. 2nd violation will result in disqualification from that race. 3rd violation will result in a one (1) race suspension. Any subsequent violation will result in suspension for the remainder of the season.

4. You and/or your crewmembers may not enter the pit area of any other driver to argue over race situations. Concerns should be brought to race officials only. 1st violation of this rule will result in $100 fine. 2nd violation will result in a 1-race suspension. Any subsequent violation will result in suspension for the remainder of the season.

5. Every competitor is to participate in every event in which they are assigned. If a competitor refuses to participate in a race because of a disagreement with the length, type, pay, or style of the race, they will be subject to suspension and/or fine of $ 50.00.

6. Any fighting in the pit area will subject the offender to a $100 fine, and the car they are associated with a suspension for an amount of time to be determined by the Competition Director. The driver/owner of every car is responsible for their pit crew and their conduct.

7. No one is allowed in the scorer's booth, flag stand, or announcer's booth other than Honor Speedway (C.R.A.) officials. Violations of this rule will result in disqualification and/or fine of $ 50.00.

8. Any car owner, driver or crew member in any way is discourteous to an official or addresses any official in a non-professional manner shall subject the team or car they are affiliated with a $100 fine for the 1st offense, and expulsion for the 2nd offense, from Honor Speedway.  Any/all accrued fines must be paid before the owner/driver/crew member will be allowed to return to the facility.

9. The promoter or race director at their discretion may add further fines, disqualifications, suspensions, point or position deductions or any combination to any violation.  Any driver/owner that is suspended may request an “appeals hearing” in front of an appointed committee of seven members (4 owner/drivers & 3 tech. advisory committee members).  The promoter will attend this meeting, but in a non-voting capacity. That “appeals committee” will determine if the suspension is valid, and can add or deduct to any violation.  Any crew or family of any owner/driver that is suspended for any reason will not have the resource of an “appeals hearing”. 

10. The pit area must be cleared within 90 minutes of the completion of the race program. This includes every person associated with your racecar. Failure to do so can result in loss of points for the night or fine. You may be asked to clear the parking lot as well.

11. Competitors must be in good standing with licensed Honor Speedway vendors and track. Track reserves the right to use purse and/or point fund checks to compensate vendors or track for expenses.


Available upon request is a certificate of insurance, which covers everyone signed in at the pit gate. You and your crewmembers are covered by the best insurance available to any racing facility. If any questions or problems with insurance come up, contact Honor Speedway at (719) 683-5638.


1. Every driver is expected to inspect the racing surface to learn of any defects, obstructions, or anything else, which, in his or her opinion, is unsafe for racing. He or she should immediately report any conditions, if discovered, to officials and/or management. Any driver entering an event is considered to have inspected the track and found all conditions satisfactory to them. Drivers understand the risks of auto racing when they enter an event.

2. Honor Speedway, and C.R.A., assumes no responsibility for damage to or loss of your equipment, vehicles, or any parts whatsoever.


1. A driver must be 16 years of age to participate in all classes, except where a similar class rules allow the minimum age to be 14 (exception – if a driver can present previous documented racing experience they may be allowed by track officials to compete).  Any driver under the age of 18 must provide copy of their birth certificate. In addition both parents must sign a parental release and it must be notarized.  See registration guidelines below.

2. Every driver competing for Honor Speedway Championship Points must have a current 2019 license. The license fees for 2019 – Northern SportMod $ 50.00 / Stock Car $ 50.00 / 1200’s $ 50.00 / Sport Compact $ 50.00 / Sprint Cars (both classes (ea.) $ 50.00.  All license registrations received after May 1st, 2019 is subject to an additional $25.00 surcharge (exception – 1st year registrants). All IMCA drivers must present their current IMCA license to compete. An IMCA license is available for purchase at the track -- $ varies per class. All driver changes must notify the Pit Steward/Comp. Director before the event begins. If a driver chooses to purchase a license after the season has begun, and even though they may have competed as a visitor, championship points will NOT be awarded retroactively.

 3. Classes running under independent sanctioning bodies are required a license from that sanctioning body before being allowed to compete. Those drivers will need to show your license from that sanctioning body before entering the pit area.


G. CAR NUMBERING - Class Specific - refer to class division rules page.


H. CONTINGENCY AWARDS -- Each year Honor Speedway will provide a list of contingency sponsors that must have decals placed properly and unaltered on the racecar to be eligible for year-end awards. Owner or driver must attend a minimum of 80% of the season's races and register for the awards banquet to be eligible for year-end awards. Drivers must receive weekly awards in person, or risk forfeiting the award.



1. The pit gate opens at 2:00 p.m. (unless otherwise stated). Check-in / pill draw closes 1/2 hour before scheduled start of races (unless otherwise stated). Any driver signed in after that starts at the rear of their heat.

2. ATV’s and other utility vehicles: ATVs will not be allowed on the racetrack at any time. ATV use is restricted to the pit area or payout area only. All ATVs will be loaded on/into the trailers as soon as reasonably possible following the conclusion of the races. No joyriding. One person per seat. All ATV drivers must have a valid driver's license and pit pass.

3. All drivers must attend the track pit meeting.  Any driver failing to attend the track pit meeting will have to start at the rear of the field in their designated heat race. In a situation that there is no heat race, then the driver will have to start at rear of designated feature (either the "B" or "A" feature).

4. All cars must start hot laps or a heat race to run a feature race. You must run in your assigned hot lap session or forfeit your right to hot lap.

5. All cars must pack the track when requested or may be disqualified or fined.  1st offense is a warning, 2nd offense is a $ 25 fine, and that car(s) will start at the back of the field in both the heat race and feature.

6. Management and officials determine all finishing positions and their decisions will be final. Honor Speedway may at their discretion, use any video replays for scoring purposes.

7. Depending on manpower/staffing, Honor Speedway staff will make every effort to post unofficial results at the pit shack approx. 30 min. following the final feature event.


1. The following line-up procedures are not absolute. They may be changed for special events or at the discretion of the officials and/or the sanctioning bodies.

2. On the first event, all heat race line-ups will be determined by pill draw on the event in question.  Low pill will be on pole in heat #1, second low pill on pole in heat # 2, etc.  The winner of the first heat in each division will draw a pill for any possible inversions.  A 4, 5 or 6 row inversion is possible, depending on the pill drawn.  The remainder of the cars, after the inversion, will line-up “heads up”.

3. From second night on, all heats will be determined by current IMCA line-up procedures, using incoming total points average, lined up totally inverted, with new drivers carrying no points average lined up to the rear, excluding "Rookies" (see # 9).

4. B-Mains (when needed) are lined up "HEADS UP" with the highest finishing non-qualifiers to the front.

5. From second night on, when two heat races are run, the top 10 qualifiers will be inverted for feature line-up according to point average (number of total feature points scored, divided by number of races run). When three or more heat races are run, the top 12 qualifiers will be inverted for feature line-up according to points average.  The remainder of the field will be lined up "heads up" after the front rows are inverted, excluding new drivers and "Rookies" (see # 9).

6. Any new driver that qualifies and does not yet have a points average shall be lined up in the 11th position on a ten (10) car invert, and in the 13th position on a twelve (12) car invert.

7. Heat race or sign-in points DO NOT calculate in the points average. 

8. Points average will also determine the line-up for rookie contenders for their first five events, and will apply as stated above thereafter.

9. All non-experienced or “Rookie” drivers must start at the rear of the field for the first 3 races (exception – if Honor Speedway officials (CRA) feel that the driver is exhibiting decent driving skills, 3 race minimum may be waived).

10. First time attendee driver’s start at the rear of their heat. Drivers missing 2 consecutive regular race nights, for any reason, are treated as a new driver for line-up purposes. 

11. On occasion, a race fan out of the grandstands may be asked to participate in the inversion pill draw, with the addition of the pill ALL, meaning the whole field (with the “Rookie” exception) will be inverted.

12. If a trophy dash is utilized, the first two cars from each heat race will be placed into the trophy dash, lined up inverted according to the heat race finish.

13. Any car unable to start its heat race may be added to the rear of the lowest consolation feature. Depending on car counts the officials may run 2 (or more) "B" features and cars will be lined heads-up by heat race finishes.

14. Points stay with the driver, if you have a driver change from week to week or during a race night, you are required to contact the Pit Steward and inform him of the change before the close of sign-in. Any driver electing to start at the rear of their race must alert the Pit Steward prior to the close of check-in.

15. Driver change is permitted during a race program. An eligible driver may drive any qualified car in any event. The new driver starts at the rear of the lowest feature or heat race that he or she has qualified for. All points go to the new driver. Drivers who do not qualify for the next higher feature will not be allowed to compete in that higher feature event.

16. Any driver changes made without notifying an official will result in disqualification for the entire night and that car will start last in all events entered on the next race date.


Honor Speedway uses standard race flags (green, yellow, red, checkered etc.)

      1. Green Flag Procedure

     a. The “original” start is located at the orange cone, inside turn four, when the flagman displays the green flag.  If the front row does not stay aligned at turn four, the flagman, in their discretion, may “wave off” this start, and the yellow light will come back on.  The flagman will give the pole sitter and/or the front row 2 opportunities to start the race, and may then elect to move the front row to the tail of the field.  Once the green flag is displayed, the race is on, and passing is allowed.  Any driver caught “jumping” the start will be penalized two (2) positions, either at the next yellow flag, or at the completion of the race.

      2. Black Flag or Meatball flag (black with orange circle)

     a. A rolled up black flag will be pointed as a warning device. If the flag is waved at you, you will exit the track as quickly & safely as possible. You will no longer be scored once the black flag has been displayed. If you spin out twice on your own in any race, you will be black-flagged, and scored in the last place position of cars remaining when you exited the track. If you drive in a reckless manner, or if you hot-lap during warm-up laps preceding a race, you will be black-flagged, and will receive NO points.  Once driver is in the pit area, they will not be allowed to re-enter the racing surface. Interpretation of the black flag rule is left to the discretion of the flagman and officials. Their decision is final. Any car emitting excessive oil, water, fuel, smoke, mechanical parts or if it is determined by staff that your vehicle is not complying with the muffler/exhaust rule, you will receive the “Meatball” flag and must exit the track.  That driver will be scored in the last place position of cars remaining when they exited the track.

     b. At the discretion of the flagman, any driver advancing (“jumping”) positions before the start of a race or restart, that driver will be moved back 2 positions, either on the next restart, or docked 2 positions at the end of the race. If a driver commits this offense twice in any race, the driver will be black-flagged, and will be scored in the last place position of cars remaining when they exited the track. You must maintain a reasonable speed until the start of the race or restart.

     c. If the officials feel a car's speed (or lack of speed), loose parts, etc. are causing (or may cause) a safety problem, it can be black-flagged.

     3. Red / Yellow Flag Procedures

     a. Once the green flag is displayed, racecars causing a yellow flag by spinning out, stopping, or being "involved in" the mishap, will go to the rear of the field. The restart is a two-abreast line-up in case of a first lap incident or single file if one or more laps are completed. Cars "involved in” the yellow will line up at the tail of the field in the order of their last completed lap.

     b. "Involved in" is defined as: disabled and/or momentarily or temporarily detained at the scene of an accident and unable to move forward.

     c. If the Red Flag is displayed during a race, all cars shall come to a complete, safe and immediate stop. Cars should not block track entrances or exits, emergency vehicles, push trucks and wreckers. No crew will be allowed on the racing surface.  Violations will result in disqualification.  No repair work is allowed on the vehicles during a red flag situation.

     d. If the red or yellow flag is displayed as a result of driver's actions, even if it is still moving on the track, you will restart at the rear of the field. Example: debris on the track that causes a yellow flag to be displayed will cause the car leaving the debris to go to the rear of the field.  If a track official removes a part from the vehicle, due to safety concerns, that vehicle will restart at the rear of the field.  If a track official stops a car, or a driver stops to ask a track official to inspect a loose part, determines it does not need removed, the driver will be re-placed back into the position of their last completed lap.

     e. If the race is stopped on any lap due to a yellow or red flag before all contestants have crossed the start/finish line, only   those cars not crossing the finish line prior to the yellow/red will be lined up according to the previous lap (but not placed ahead of cars who did cross the line.) Those “involved in” the yellow or red will be moved to the back of the lineup.

     f. If a yellow or red flag occurs on the white flag lap of a race and the leader has not taken the checkered flag, the race will be restarted with two laps: Green, White, Checkered. This procedure will be continued until the race is finished.

 In the heat race, any car that causes 1 yellow flag (1 spin rule), the driver will be black-flagged and sent to the pit area, and scored in the last place position of cars remaining when they exited the track.

    h. In the feature, any car that causes 2 yellow flags, red flags, or combination in the same race, will be black flagged and sent to the pit area, and scored in the last place position of cars remaining when they exited the track.

     i. After the yellow flag is thrown, drivers must get into single file line, if safe to do so. Any driver not lining up may be sent to the rear. Fellow competitors must allow cars into place in the single file line or violators will be sent to the rear of the field.

     j. Any car leaving the racing surface and enters the pit area will not be allowed to re-enter the race.

     k. During the initial start, in the event of two red flag starts or three yellow flag starts, lineups will be single file based on your original lineup position. Cars involved in the mishap will be placed at the rear of the field.

      l. If after a yellow or red, and a two-abreast start is needed, and starting positions are vacated, the immediate cars behind the vacant spot(s) will move to the next row forward.

     4. Checkered Flag -- The checkered flag indicates the conclusion/finish of the race, when the lead car crosses that imaginary line, regardless of how many laps the rest of the cars have completed. If a yellow or red flag occurs after the leader has taken the checkered flag, the race is considered over, those succeeding cars will be placed in the position they were scored in the previous lap, and the “involved in” cars will be placed accordingly, at the tail of those cars scored on that lap.

     5. Blue with diagonal orange stripe – typically called the “Move Over Flag”, this flag indicates to a driver(s) that the leaders are approaching, and slower drivers are asked to “Hold & Maintain Your Racing Line”.

     6. Restarts

     a. Restarts are lined up single file.  The leader will restart the race somewhere approximate to the orange cone in turn four, and then the flagman will display the green flag.  Racers must stay in single file formation until the green is displayed, and at that display, may attempt to pass.  Any driver caught “jumping” the restart will be penalized two (2) positions, either at the next yellow flag, or at the completion of the race.

7. There shall be no electronic communication between the driver and pit crewmembers during any race event.

8. Time or lap limits will be imposed on all heats, dashes and features if deemed appropriate by officials.

9. Once the line up has been set for a feature or heat race and you are not on the track, you will tag the back of the field. For features only, if the race goes yellow or red and a lap has not been completed, you may enter the race at the back of the field.


1. Mufflers are recommended on all cars, capable of keeping the muffler sound below 95dB (measured at 100 ft. from edge of racing surface).  Complete exhaust system must be leak free and remain intact for the duration of the race.

Failure of exhaust system, or muffler fails to keep engine noise below 95dB – Driver will receive the “meatball” flag, and must exit the track at that time, but will receive the appropriate finishing position as they exited the track. No modifications (exception: mounting tabs) will be allowed to the muffler.

2. There shall be no electronic communication between the driver and pit crewmembers during any race event.

3. No tarps, false panels, covers, etc. may be used at any time during the night whose purpose is to conceal, disguise, or divert attention from components of a car. Officials must have an unassisted view of items within the scope of the bodywork regulations set by the appropriate sanctioning body.

4. Honor Speedway (C.R.A.) Tech. Officials reserve the right to test fuel from any participant any time during the night. If the fuel tested is illegal, all points/monies are held and a sample will be sent to a testing lab. All other finishing positions in the race will be "as run" and positions will not change until a decision is rendered. If the results are verified by the laboratory that the fuel was illegal, the car, driver or both will be disqualified for that event and receive no points or money. In addition, they will be required to pay for the lab test and will not be allowed to participate in the next two events for their class.

5. No traction control devices allowed. Penalty is a one-year suspension and $10,000 fine. Honor Speedway reserves the right to impound suspected parts to have them checked by the manufacturer or lab for alterations.

6. Top 4 cars must stop for inspection before entering the pit area. Cars outside the top 4 may also be inspected. Points and money will be forfeited if a car fails to stop for weighing and/or inspection. Any car found to be underweight will lose all points and money for the night and all other finishers move up accordingly in the final results. If a technical violation is found, the car loses all points and money for the night and starts at the rear of their next heat races. If the violation - in the opinion of the officials - is a major infraction the car will start at the rear of all races on the following night.

M. PROTESTS (in accordance with IMCA & Honor Speedway)

     1. Protest must be in writing and filed with promoter within a reasonable time, at discretion of officials, after feature race is completed, and must be specific in alleged violation to determine whether protest is allowed or rejected. No protest of any type will be allowed after prize money has been paid. One item per protest – per event – only. Drivers may not protest more than one car per event, another driver finishing in a position behind them, and may not protest same driver more than once per calendar year.

     2. All protests will be handled at track level and must be accompanied with a $150 cash deposit. $50 of the deposit goes to the track and will not be refunded, regardless of the outcome of the protest. If item being protested is found legal, entire deposit will be forfeited. If found illegal, $100 deposit will be refunded to protester.

     3. Any situation not covered by these rules shall be referred to Honor Speedway & IMCA for decision. This protest must also be in writing and accompanied by deposit.

     4. The party against whom a protest is made has a right to know the charge and have a written copy thereof so that they may adequately defend themselves against any action. No person, promoter, official, member or other person affiliated with Honor Speedway will be placed under permanent suspension without review by Honor Speedway.


     1. Electronic traction control device: Automatic disqualification and $10,000 fine. If found with an electronic traction control device at any point during an Honor Speedway & IMCA sanctioned event, driver loses all Honor Speedway & IMCA points in all divisions and is suspended until fine is paid. Device may be confiscated and retained by Honor Speedway or IMCA.

     2. Honor Speedway reserves the right to have all race cars use the same fuel or fuel mix. Fuel sample may be taken from any car at any time. Penalty for illegal fuel is disqualification from event and $250 fine – first offense. WARNING – ethanol blended fuel may not pass Honor Speedway or IMCA fuel tests.

     3. Use of non-stamped or softened tires in any division requiring IMCA stamped tires will result in a $250 fine for first offense; $250 fine and two week suspension for second offense; $500 fine and 30-day suspension for third. When prohibited, use of siped or grooved tires or non-stickered wheel will result in disqualification and loss of points and pay for first offense; $250 fine and two week suspension, disqualification and loss of points and pay for second offense; $500 fine and 30-day suspension, disqualification and loss of points and pay for third.

     4. Fighting and/or physical assault: First violation, minimum $250 fine and/or suspension. Second violation is a minimum $500 fine and minimum two-week suspension. Third violation is a minimum one-year suspension.

    5. Unsportsmanlike conduct and/or verbal assault: First violation, minimum $100 fine and/or suspension. Second violation is a minimum $250 fine and minimum two-week suspension. Third violation is a minimum one-year suspension.

     6. Rough driving – Penalties including fines, suspensions and points to be at discretion of track officials, and Honor Speedway may impose penalties based on severity of incident.

     7. Any driver intentionally using his/her vehicle in a malicious manner: minimum $250 fine and/or suspension at discretion of officials and Honor Speedway.

     8. Physical assault of an Honor Speedway track official, or promoter. First violation is a fine of no less than $1,000 and/or suspension of driver of no less than 21 days.

    9. Repeated violations of Honor Speedway rules may result in permanent suspension. All incidents will be referred to IMCA by promoter, with his/her recommended penalties. All penalties imposed by Honor Speedway are cumulative, not on a per-year basis.

     10. If driver receives a disqualification for evening and no points, it is the same as if the driver did not compete that evening. No points are awarded and it does not constitute a track visit as applied to eligibility to claim or for calculating weekly point average. If a penalty calls for disqualification and last place points*, the driver receives points for the last position in the race he/she is competing in.

If driver or owner refuses a protest, driver & owner will receive a 5-race suspension, and race car will not be allowed to compete until suspension is complete. If you protest another car, your car will be inspected for the same infraction.

What is protest-able – Only vehicle specifications, ie. fuel, engine, chassis and final results are considered protest-able situations.  Once results are declared final, a protest will not be considered.



1. All points described herein are dependent upon each car displaying stickers of the contingency sponsors at all times. Decals must be visible to the grandstands and placed in an appropriate manner. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of all contingency awards from such sponsors.

2. Points System to be used in all classes:

Trophy Dash – No points

"B" Feature (non “A” qualifiers) – 16 points.

"A" Feature: 1st  - 40, 2nd  - 39, 3rd  - 38, 4th  - 37, 5th  - 36, 6th  - 35, 7th  - 34, 8th  - 33, 9th  - 32, 10th  - 31, 11th  - 30, 12th  - 29, 13th  - 28, 14th  - 27, 15th  - 26,16th  - 25, 17th  - 24, 18th  - 23, 19th  - 22, 20th  - 21, 21st  - 20, 22nd  - 19, 23rd  - 18, 24th – 17. This is based on more than a 10 car count. For less than 10 cars .... last -- 31, next to last -- 32, and so forth until 1st.

All competitors not qualifying for A or B feature – 0 points.

3. In order to qualify for a feature event, a driver must be running on the track or take the green flag in their heat. If you do not run in a heat, you may run the lowest consolation feature.

4. Should two or more drivers have the same point totals, the number of weekly feature wins will be the tie-breaker, then second place finishes, etc. until the tie is broken.

5. We will not run provisional or alternate positions during a weekly show. Any driver who has qualified for a feature event, but is unable to run will be scored in last place in that feature. During a special event a driver may or may not be added to a feature depending on the rules for that event.

6. Any driver who qualifies to the next highest feature event forfeits all points and money from the previous race and remaining cars move up in points accordingly.

7. It is the driver/owner's responsibility to notify an official of any point discrepancies prior to close of check-in.


O. Rain Outs

If there is a rain out called prior to the events of the evening getting underway or up to 55% completion (this includes all class heats and all class features), you will need to hold on to your pit pass from the event for entrance to the next event. Pit passes are only valid at the very next event held at the speedway. If there is a rain out called after running 55 % of the events, then the evening is considered complete and no rain out tickets will be issued or pit passes honored.

One lap over half-way through an "A" Feature event shall constitute a complete race in the event a race is stopped due to bad weather. If a race is stopped by use of the red flag and is ruled completed, the finishing positions will be paid according to the last officially scored lap by the leader previous to the red flag. Any car or cars red flagged will be put to the rear of the line-up of official finish


P. Rules Submissi ons

Rules submissions for subsequent racing seasons must be submitted to Alan Davis 18245 State Hwy. 94 Colo. Spgs., CO 80930 or adavis_11@yahoo.com , by Oct. 31st of each year to be considered for admission into the following years rules/guidelines. Submissions will be reviewed by an appointed "Rules Committee" after all have been received..


Office: 719-683-5638

Fax: 719-683-5638
Email: adavis_11@yahoo.com
Revised Mar. 2, 2019









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