Powri Honor Sprint Series




POWRi Sprint Rules:

Cars will draw for heat race position at the conclusion of the drivers meeting each night.

Race Procedures and formats are at the discretion of each sprint sanctioning body on how they want to lineup for the Feature Event. Passing points, top four etc.

If a combination of passing points and finishing points are used at the conclusion of the heat races you may want to utilize the Passing Point Scale below.

You must be a POWRi registered member to receive points for the year-end point championship.

You must compete in 80% of the races ran in a season to be eligible for the year-end point championship of that season.

The top 3 feature finishers must stop on the front stretch for a victory lane ceremony, and then proceed directly to the scales to weigh and check tires. If you go to your pit area first, it will result in a disqualification for that event.

Passing Point Scale:


POWRi Rule Book:

I. No cockpit adjusters of any kind are allowed.

II. All four corners/tires must be Hoosier. Right rear tire must be Hoosier Medium, H15, HR15, Hard, or RACEsaver.

III. Open engine rule.

IV. Body work rules are open to within reason; any "wicker" must stay within 1" of the frame rails, and will be policed on an individual basis by the Race Director.

V. Axle tethers are mandatory for all POWRi events. King pin tethers will be mandatory starting July 5th.

VI. Weight rule is 1450 lbs., including the driver, at the conclusion of each event. You may make the weight rule anything you feel works for your series.

a. Any car that fails to meet the 1450 lbs. weight rule at the conclusion of an event will be scored last in that event. Any car that fails to meet the weight requirement at any other point in the evening will lose passing and finishing points up to that time in the program.

b. All bolt-on weight must be painted white and the car number must be displayed clearly on the weight. Loss of any bolt-on weight during competition will result in disqualification from that event. Bolt-on weight must be bolted to the frame and securely attached. It must remain in place during the race and must not be moved or removed during a red flag situation. We reserve the right to disqualify any individual whose weight mounting procedure does not meet our specifications.

c. POWRi officials reserve the right to weigh cars at the conclusion of any event during a race night.

VII. All double file starts will be at the cone in turn 4. One warning will be given on false starts, with the second warning resulting in being penalized one row. All restarts will be single file at the cone in turn 4.

a. Cars must be nose to tail. If you are determined to be out of line, it will result in a one position penalty at the next yellow, or end of the race, whichever comes first.

b. If you pass a car before the designated cone/tire, it will result in a two-position penalty for every one car passed at the next yellow, or end of the race, whichever comes first.

VIII. Yellow/Red Flag Procedures

a. All cars stopped on a yellow will be placed at the rear of the restarting line-up. Cars remaining on the racetrack surface that are able to continue without service to restart will line up for restart in the order they were running prior to display of the yellow flag.

b. Any car that comes to a stop two times (assisted or unassisted) will be disqualified for that event.


Not including any driver who visits the work area while a yellow flag is already displayed for a separate incident.

c. Split Yellow Rule:

In any event, if at least the top three running cars cross the finish line before the yellow is displayed, that lap will count as complete. The cars who crossed the finish line prior to yellow flag conditions will be scored as they cross, and the remaining cars who did not cross the finish line at the time of the display of the yellow will be scored as they crossed the line on the previous lap.

d. If a car needs a second push off before the start of a race, he will start at the rear of that race. Exception is safety issue.

e. A work area will be designated in the pits for any modifications to be done during a yellow/red flag. No allotted time will be allowed in the work area. When the field is given the one lap to go signal before the restart, any car(s) in the work area will no longer be able to rejoin the field. Any car that goes one or more laps down while in the work area will be out for that event.

f. Any driver who works on his car or permits any other person (other than a track official) to work on his car on the racetrack surface, during a yellow flag or closed red flag, shall be disqualified from that event.

g. There will be one attempt at a green-white-checkered flag, if another yellow flag appears then the race will be restarted with the green and white flags displayed at the same time.

h. Any driver who unbuckles his or her safety belts and exits their racecar during any event on the racing surface will not be allowed to continue that event whether it be a heat race or feature. Exception is safety issue.

IX. All drivers are required to wear a snell approved helmet, a fire retarding uniform, protective gloves, and arm restraints during competition.

X. RACEceiver Radios are mandatory.

a. We reserve the right to penalize and fine drivers that do not run a RACEceiver.

b. No two way radios will be allowed.

c. Any competitor who willfully ignores orders given by officials in such a way as to bring potential harm to another competitor, official, or fan will be expelled for the night and disqualified from competition at that event.

XI. All cars must be equipped with adequate seat belts, shoulder harness, and crotch strap. POWRi strongly recommends a five point hookup with 3 inch belts, no more then 2 years old.

a. Containment seats, head and neck restraints, and rock screens are strongly recommended.

b. Your safety truly is in your own hands.

XII. Rain Outs

a. In the event a race is rained out prior to the completion of all races and rescheduled for a later date, the draw fee shall be rain-checked for those who have already paid. At the rescheduled race, all races shall be rerun and all drivers will redraw for starting positions.

b. In the event no races have been run and the event is not rescheduled, draw fees shall be rain-checked for use at the next scheduled event.

c. If an A-main event is interrupted at any point due to inclement weather, the race may be declared complete based upon officials’ discretion. The finishing positions will be paid according to the last officially scored lap by the leader previous to the red flag.



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