Warrior South

updated 11/7/23

  1. Car and Body Specifications

Any 1955 or newer American made passenger car or station wagon, 2wd pickups (full size only), Rancheros, El Caminos, Camaros, Mustangs. No Convertibles, Imports, Stock Cars, Modifieds or Late Models.

·         All vehicles must have a full roll cage with door bars and plates welded in. A minimum of 3 steel windshield bars, minimum thickness 5/16”.

·         Aftermarket firewalls, floor-pans, trunk-pans are allowed.

·         Aftermarket sheet metal and bodies are allowed and must be aluminum or steel, Exception is a fiberglass roof, all panels must be securely fastened.

·         Aftermarket plastic nose and tail are allowed but not required, all bodies will be clean of sharp edges.

·         Must use a steel or aluminum hood and trunk but can cut a hole in the hood for air cleaner clearance.  No more than 4 inches out of hood.

·         Nerf bars whether inside or outside the body will be max 1” X 1 Ό” rectangular tubing or up to 1 ½” round tubing. Must not stick out more than 1” outside the body, fully welded and secured. NO SHARP EDGES. Tube ends must be capped at a 45-degree angle.

·         Body braces may be used and will be aluminum or preferably steel. Max OD 1”

·         Driver must be sealed from engine, fuel cell and racetrack.

  1. Safety Equipment

·         5-point race harness in good shape securely attached to the cage.

·         Race seat constructed of aluminum or steel. NO plastic or fiberglass seats.

·         Full faced helmet with a minimum Snell rating of 2000 is required.

·         Flame retardant fire suit, gloves and shoes are required.

·         Neck brace or Hans, Nexgen, Simpson Hybrid etc. are required.

·         Window Nets and Fire Extinguishers are required in every vehicle. Window Nets are also required on passenger side if applicable. Passengers must abide by the same dress code and regulations as drivers. NO EXCEPTIONS!!

·         Fuel cell or factory steel fuel tank must be used and be securely mounted and grounded to the vehicle with a rollover vent. Needs to be located in trunk area/ not stock location.

·         A steel firewall must be utilized to separate the fuel cell from the cockpit.  Battery must be secured to the vehicle in a battery box, ie. no plastic, aluminum or steel with covers over the terminals.

  1.  Suspension


·         Ballast is NOT allowed in any Car, Station Wagon, Ranchero or El Camino. Exception to the rule is Trucks will be allowed a MAX of 250 lbs. of ballast ie. lead or steel securely mounted to the truck and painted white, with truck number painted on white surface.

·         Must use Stock appearing shock in stock location. No rebuildable shocks, air shocks or Heim style. Off the shelf “stock” shocks only, ie. NAPA, Autozone, O’Reilly and OEM Speedway Motors.

·         May use WHATEVER spring you like.

·         Aftermarket ball joints, tie rods, sleeves, idler, pitman, etc. are allowed with an aftermarket upper control arm. Lower control arms must be stock parts to that vehicle and maintain in stock location.

·         Upper A-arms – shaft style non-adjustable. Strut style cars must stay in stock location.

·         Center bolt of shock must be located in center triangle of the A-arm.

·         Leaf springs maybe adjustable to 2” of lowering adjustment. (NO rear steering in any vehicle)

  1. Steering

·         Steel steering shaft with removable steering wheel coupler.

·         Steering quickener with OEM boxes only.       

  1. Tires and Wheels  

·         Must run a 15 X 7 or 15 X 8 steel wheel. NO bead locks.

·         Tires must be DOT max width 60 series and/or G-60’s take offs not new. Both circumference of G-60’s and stock tires are allowed (ie. tire stagger is allowed)

·         Must run 1” lug nuts.

·         Max total back space 2” – wheel spacers okay.

     6. Transmissions     

·         May run an automatic or manual transmission with no gears removed.

·         NO Bert, Brinn, Winters, Falcon or ball spline transmissions.

·         NO triple disk or mini clutches – OEM style only.

     7. Rearend

·         GM, Ford or Mopar rearends.

·         NO Quick-change rear ends of ANY kind.

     8. Engine

·         GM, Ford or Mopar steel block, max Cubic inch 360.

·         NO aftermarket or aluminum blocks.

·         Factory steel or cast crank.

·         May use an aftermarket I beam connecting rod. No H-Beam rods.

·         Cast or Hypereutectic pistons ONLY. NO FORGED ANYTHING.

·         Flat top or dished pistons only MAX compression ratio of 9:1:1 and this will be strictly enforced.


·         Hydraulic camshafts and lifters only with a max lift of .460.

·         May run an aftermarket STEEL cylinder head with a max valve size of 1:.94 intake, 1.52 exhaust.

·         NO porting or polishing, gasket matching etc.

·         May use screw in studs and guide plates with a 1:5 roller tip rocker arm.

·         NO stud girdles.

·         May use steel or aluminum valve covers with breathers or an evac system.

·         May run an aluminum or steel intake manifold.

·         NO High Rise or ported manifolds.

·         Must run a MAX size 500 cfm Carburetor.

·         Spacing between manifold and base of carburetor including adapter not to exceed 2”.

·         MAX size 4412 Holley carburetor for all exception trucks are allowed up 750 cfm.

·         Headers or Cast Iron Exhaust manifolds are allowed with a max collector size of 3”.

·         Must use an HEI distributor with the coil in the cap.

·         NO external coils, MSD boxes etc.

·         Must run a Rev Limiter - 6500 RPM Max. MSD 8727CT softTouch, HEI Rev Control Limiter Part # 5478727 (Speedway Motors)

     9. Fuel

·         Must run Pump gas up to 91 octane. Hydrometer will be used to check fuel.

·         NO additives, NO Nitrous Oxide, NO Oxygen containing compounds of any kind.

    10. Claim Rules

·         Engines, Transmissions, Carburetors and Shocks will be subject to claim if the claimer puts up the $$$

     ENGINE                   $4,500

     CARBURETOR          $500

     SHOCKS X4               $400

    11.  Protests

·         Engine or carburetor: $250 to protest. $200 goes to winning protest, $ 50 to tech.  If anyone refuses protest/claim, $1,000 fine plus minimum 30 days or 2 race suspension.

·         Any eligible driver finishing fifth on back in feature that is scored on the lead lap can claim carburetor of any of top four drivers for $500. Claimed carburetor must be inspected prior to removal. If found illegal, claim is void and claimed driver is disqualified.

·         Promoter may claim, for proper dollar amount, any claimable item at any time, unless that driver has made a legal claim in that event. Any promoter directly affiliated with a Warrior car in competition (at their track) forfeits right of promoter claim. Driver claim takes precedence over promoter claim.


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